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Extra information about ESD training

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ESD training is indispensable

Protect the reliability of your electronic systems. High-grade electronic systems that are required to perform without problems for long periods of time must never be exposed to ESD (electrostatic discharge). These ESD training show people at different levels why electronic systems have to be protected from ESD and how they can do this. There is a specific training for each target group. The training can be organised at our central location in Utrecht or "in house" throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. "For everybody who works with electronics, an ESD prevention training that uses demonstrations to show the risks and solutions is indispensable".

Better operating returns

Satisfied clients mean better operating returns. It goes without saying that the electrical industry wishes to be protected from static electricity: ESD. That is why ESD prevention measures are taken during the production and installation of professional electronic systems. The main benefits of ESD prevention are: better product quality, less downtime, fewer costs for returns and repairs, more satisfied clients, the possibility of more orders and better operating returns.

Tailored ESD course

If you wish, you may state your requirements associated with your own company rules in advance. Professional, tailored, ESD courses can also be designed for target groups other than those listed on the start page.

Course location

The courses take place in Utrecht, Netherlands. Courses can also be arranged on location at your premises.

ESD course fees and course duration

Fees include tea, coffee and lunch. After the completion of the course, each participant will receive a summary of the course for reference purposes on a USB stick.

"In-house" and group discount

Depending on the number of participants - and on condition that meeting facilities are in place - a substantial group discount is possible for "in-house" courses (at your premises). ask here about the possibilities.
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