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Overview of ESD demos

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Day-to-day ESD practice

These demonstrations are an indispensable part of every ESD training. The demonstrations and trainings below come from day-to-day ESD practice. Nothing is more convincing than seeing "the proof" with your own eyes. Depending on the selected course, a number of the demonstrations below are conducted during the training.

Basic demonstrations

Clearly understandable, even without a technical background.

  1. People cannot observe most ESDs
  2. How efficient an ESD wriststrap is.
  3. Charging PVC, wool and even metal with static electricity.
  4. How harmful untreated plastics can be for electronic systems.
  5. How harmful ordinary clothing can be for electronic systems (fleece sweaters and shoes).
  6. How ICs themselves generate ESDs during transportation in non-anti-ESD packaging.
  7. Older anti-static packaging becomes ineffective.
  8. The effect of a tested and earthed wrist strap on clothing.
  9. How a field service kit and an ESD jacket works.
  10. Checking your wrist strap and shoes yourself.

Extended demonstrations

  1. Tribo charging or how static electricity is generated.
  2. The phenomenon of people as DC transformers!?
  3. CDM ESDs (Charged Device Model) and CBE ESDs (Charged Board Event).
  4. Electrostatic induction and the impact on electronic systems.
  5. "Charging" a printed circuit electrostatically by means of charge separation caused by an electrostatic field.
  6. Function of an IC during use permanently disrupted by latch-up caused by an electrostatic field.
  7. Earthing electrostatic charges without ESD using earthed static dissipation materials.
  8. How good is shielding packaging against electrostatic fields?
  9. Checking the workplace, ESD mat or ESD field service kit yourself.
  10. Checking floors and workplace services with a Megger.
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