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American ESD-
standard: 2022


This American ESD-standard ANSI/ESD S20.20: 2022 provides requirements for an ESD Control Program. This half-day ESD course is designed for ESD coordinators. In this training, participants will learn all ESD requirements and how to apply them for verification purposes.
Standards themselves provide virtually no explanation of the purpose of the requirements set and can therefore be misunderstood. During the course, the purpose of the ESD standard is made very clear.

Recognized standard

These recognized standard contain a number of (minimum) requirements, precautions and guidelines that - if correctly implemented - greatly minimize the unwanted effects of static electricity and ESD. These requirements apply, among other things, to ESD-safe: manufacturing, processing, assembling, installing, packaging, labeling, repairing, testing, checking, transporting, etc. of electronics. For more information: ANSI.

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