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ESD-coordinators + update

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ESD coordinators and business teachers

This one-day course is intended for anyone involved in maintaining an ESD program such as ESD coordinators, business educators and managers.

Verification of ESD requirements

During this course, the existing and new verification requirements for ESD prevention from the IEC 61340-5-1 ESD standard are discussed. The associated measuring module is intended to determine whether the ESD resources used function correctly. The knowledge and skills from this course are a "must" for every ESD coordinator. Recently - optional - information has been added about auditing an EPA.

Course program

  1. Global ESD knowledge
    • ESD damage
    • ESD measures
    • ESD prevention level
    • ESD prevention policy
    • Summary
  2. ESD standard IEC 61340-5-1
    • Introduction and overview
    • Organizational requirements
    • Technical requirements and EPA
    • Annex A and summary
    • Updates (2024)
  3. ESD measurements
    • Measuring probes
    • Verify measured values
    • Shoe/floor compatibility
    • Field strengths
    • Summary
  4. ISO and ESD (optional)
    • EPA checklists
    • ESD audit report
    • Floor measurement report

Surface resistances, ground measurements and electrostatic fields are measured. The body voltage of a walk test is measured with an electrometer (walk tester). There is also the option to carry out a number of measurements yourself using materials and resources you bring with you.


The duration of this course is approximately 5.5 hours. Some delay is possible due to questions, etc.

ESD certificate

The personal ESD certificate - in PDF format (readable on a smartphone) - is awarded after passing an ESD test. A course reference in PDF format is available afterwards. A declaration of participation can be issued without a test.


ESD course overview

Evaluations and reviews

ESD course overview


Ruud H. van Vliet: ☎ 06 - 45 500 900